Married to my best friend, Jerrod, mother to our busy boy, Judah, and our firecracker of a daughter, Quinn.  They are 16 months apart, and sure keep me runnin’!

Jess is short for Jessa-Lynn 🙂

My photographic style leans towards documentary.  Less posed, more ‘just breathe, just be you’. My greatest pride in photography is capturing the essence of a person or relationship.   I strive for truth-filled images that give a glimpse into your real & beautiful life.

I’m a people person. Daily life is my jam. I love the power of a smile, and a joyous heart, but admit that neither are a constant in my own life.  Life ebbs and flows, there is a season for everything.  From portraits to maternity to newborn to family life…I would love to capture your moments and the people in them.

Session Info

Time:  I allot 2 hrs for sessions.  This time frame will probably be more than enough for most sessions, but it gives us space to relax. This time frame may be extended for sessions with babies. Locale:  Maternity/Portrait/Family Sessions can be in-home or at a favourite place/activity.  We will chat and come up with the… Continue reading Session Info