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Summer – Phase 2

The second half of our summer story is one of us living at my parents’ acreage, while Jerrod works long hours and long weeks to work on our very own ‘fixer upper’  house renovation.

We purchased a home in a new city, in a wonderful old neighbourhood,  close to my sister and her family, close to wonderful schools, close to our church and friends…and we are looking forward to inhabiting all that wonderfulness sometime in the coming months!

For now, we inhabit the generosity of both sets of parents, as my mom and dad house us and help me maintain sanity with the kids while Jer burns the midnight oil, and his parents work alongside him on the house.

Here are some glimpses of our summer on the acreage.


Summer2-1Early morning breakfasts…and I mean EARLY… I don’t know what we are gonna do when we ‘fall back’ with the time change.😩


Summer2-2The tree swing 💜




Summer2-9Summer2-11The views have been amazing.  Also, waking up to the smells of an early morning prairie summer was something I hadn’t realized I’d been missing since living on an acreage in my youth.



Summer2-12This dad knows how to play 🙂




Summer2-16My parents have, like, a raspberry bush forest at the back of the garden, the kids loved it!  And were quite brave considering the prickliness of the bushes.

Summer2-17Summer2-18Summer2-19Summer2-20Summer2-21So excited to show daddy their harvest when he got home from work.







Summer2-31Summer2-32Judah caught a frog and named it Chinchichanchichonchi.  Afterwhich, every frog that crossed our path was also affectionately called Chinchichanchichonchi…so here’s a series with one of said frogs  🙂




Summer2-37My little explorers.




Summer2-42The BC fires imbued many of our daytimes with orange hues.  Often it was too uncomfortable to be outside for very long because of the smokey air.  I can’t imagine what it was like for those close to the fires.






Summer2-51I used these umbrellas for my wedding pictures, 5 years ago…I’m surprised they’ve lasted this long with these two.☺️




Summer2-54Sunrise at harvest.


Summer2-55Lots of practicing those gross motor skills 🙂