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Summer – Phase 1

A few pics of my famjam enjoying our old house and it’s wonderful yard in our final summer there.

Summer1-1Summer1-2Summer1-3Summer1-4Summer1-5Summer1-6Summer1-7Summer1-8Summer1-9Note:  we don’t spray Windex on our garden ☺️   Old bottles.  I actually don’t even use any cleaning product on my windows and mirrors anymore, just water and microfiber! 🙂

Summer1-10Summer1-11Summer1-12There was lots of  watching daddy complete the final renos on the house.

Summer1-13Summer1-14No snow, no problem.

Summer1-15Summer1-16Summer1-17Summer1-18Summer1-19Summer1-20Summer1-21Summer1-22Summer1-23Summer1-24Summer1-25Summer1-26Summer1-27Yes, my kids often wear the same thing over a couple of days.  They have play clothes and going-into-public clothes. ☺️

Summer1-28Summer1-29Summer1-30Summer1-31Summer1-32Summer1-33Summer1-34Summer1-35Summer1-36Summer1-37Summer1-38Summer1-39Summer1-40Summer1-41Mid – move, living room with only the bare minimum.

Summer1-42Final day at our old house ❤️