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Rhys | St. Albert Newborn Photography

When you have a Liam and a Kieran, you’ve gotta add a Rhys! 🙂 These parents now have three beautiful boys, and I’m honoured to have been welcomed into their home to capture some new-family-of-5 moments.

This little lad was an amazing mix of peaceful sleepy & wide-eyed expressive, with an endearing amount of infant irritation thrown in.  Endearing for me anyways 🙂  as I don’t mind the cries and moments where mom needs to feed or soothe.  Yay for real life! Yay for witnessing the incredible connection a newborn has with his parents.  The learning how to read each other, searching eyes and limbs, calming whispers, the closest of carries…truly nothing like adding a new human to our world.

And nothing like him having made his debut by unplanned home-birth.  Midwife assisted birth: planned…at-home: not planned! So we got to take pictures of momma and Rhys in the very room where they first met.

Congrats D & J, and Welcome Rhys! ❤